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CASD believes that the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Adolescent and Women is a very crucial area of investment for any Emerging Economy and thus should be included in all development agendas.

Privileged as one of the fastest growing and highly effective youth-led organization in Cameroon, the Cameroon Agenda for Sustainable Development (CASD) was founded in 2011 by a group of young Cameroonians led by Numfor Munteh. Its creation was prompted by the omission of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHRs) of Cameroonians in the 2010 published Cameroon Development Agenda; “Vision Emerging Economy by 2035”.

Positive that SRHRs is a relevant area of investment towards an emerging economy, CASD today has impacted over a million lives by providing accurate SRH education; lobbying and advocating for its inclusion in local, national and international development agendas and pushing for implementation of actions at all levels to make the SRH situation of women and adolescents better.


Significantly contribute to the Cameroon Government’s plan for sustainable development by 2035 and beyond by promoting health, socioeconomic and environmental innovations via programming activities centered on women, children and young people.


CASD’s mission is to work with policy makers and grassroots communities to improve the health and socio – economic conditions of vulnerable women, children and adolescents in ways that are inclusive, accountable and sustainable.


Lobby & Advocacy: We work with policy makers at National and International levels and local community leaders to push  for changes in policies and traditions/cultures that put women and children at vulnerable positions. 

Educative Campaigns: Employing innovative strategies to make available relevant and quality information to our target communities, assisting them make informed Sexual and Reproductive Health related choices.

Capacity Building: We empower young people as Counsellors, advocates and community health workers to serve most vulnerable populations.


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